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VISAVI® LivePlan is designed to master operations with many variables and gives you a complete overview of all plan-related data. This empowers your organization to improve the operational efficiency by better utilization of  resources, leading to reduced cost – without compromising safety.

Today´s challenges for the industry

Industrial operations involve many activities that rely on costly and limited resources and dynamic conditions. Difficulties in getting a complete overview, and waste due to poor coordination remains a major cost driver and can also affect your HSE.

Work planning and execution data exists in “silo” systems. 

Difficulties seeing the broader picture of all ongoing and planned activities.

Coordination of a large number of activities is taking place at different locations.

A lot of time in meetings is spent on getting the full picture of a situation.

LivePlan is your digital solution

VISAVI® LivePlan provides real-time visualization of relationships, operations and dependencies of work flow for any industry. Having live access to all operations enables the entire organization to engage in joint optimization of activities and resource use.

All  plan-related data is pulled out of “silo” systems and integrated visually on a single surface.

Everybody sees the same picture of plans and execution constraint, regardless of location.

Able to create different plan scenarios and compare consequences instantly on the screen.

Using Liveplan on a large touch screen is an optimal arena for lean effective meetings and cross-disciplinary collaboration.


VISAVI® LivePlan is primarily based on state-of-the-art Microsoft technology and is cloud enabled. The application features a client running on large touch screens as well as any desktop or tablet, and back end services integrating information from multiple data sources. LivePlan is both innovative and easy to use.


Visavi nominated for Gullkronen Awards 2020

Visavi nominated for Gullkronen Awards 2020

Visavi Technology has been nominated for Gullkronen 2020, awarded by Rystad Energy. Visavi was chosen as we have demonstrated exceptional achievement, reflecting the program's core values of innovation, success and ethics. Gullkronen 2020 will be the 12th year of the...

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