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The Company

VISAVI Technology AS is a spin-off company from the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and NTNU Research Centre of Integrated Operations. The company was founded in 2014 by Øystein Veland and Gisle Andresen. They are experts on advanced visualization and collaboration design for complex organizations from world-leading research communities.

VISAVI provides LivePlan, a software solution related to optimization of operation and maintenance primary for the energy and process industry.

The LivePlan solution has been funded and developed in collaboration with industry leaders.

Our management team

VISAVI Technology AS is led by technology driven individuals with 20+ years experience from companies such as Schlumberger, IBM, IFE, NTNU, Statoil and Bertel O. Steen.

The head office is in Halden – Norway where we have our main development and delivery hub. We are also located in Bergen and Stavanger.

Evy Eikås

VP Business Development

Jessica Toledo

VP Delivery

Øystein Veland

VP Product Development

Gisle Andresen

VP System Development

Provide a digital collaboration arena for mastering complex operations with many variables


Realise the next paradigm in productivity improvement



We are constantly looking for ways to create values for our customers.


We quickly manage challenges and take advantage of opportunities.


We are committed to high quality and efficiency at all levels.


If there are any available positions in Visavi we will list them out here. Please check back later if there are no vacant positions at the moment. 
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Upcoming Events

If there are any upcoming events in which Visavi be part of we will list them here. Please check back later if there are no upcoming events. 
– Visit our stand at Rigg og Borekonferansen, Stavanger – Norway, 30-31 May 2018

– Meet us at Digital 2018 – Digitalisation of the oil&gas industry, Stavanger – Norway. 21st November 2018

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