Simplicity beats complexity.
Every single time.

We believe in the profound ability of the human mind. Combined with the right technology there is no limit to what we can do when we are challenged, motivated and nurtured. We have made it our purpose to make life at work simpler, more efficient and more intuitive. Simplifying everything for everyone.

Our core idea is to improve human business through the use of the right technology.

We create scalable technology with leading integration capabilities that can be uniquely tailored to our clients’ industries and operations.

And because the best technology demands the best talent, we only employ people who are exceptionally driven and trustworthy. We never compromise on quality when managing, developing and implementing our solutions.

Human Mind
Our culture and everything we do is focused on simplifying processes and operations that can be complicated to the human mind.

We always find new ways to collaborate, capture and visualize data in the simplist, most logical way.

And we do this through our relentless focus on human psychology and innovation.

Our solutions will have an impact on our customers’ business by improving overall daily operations and ultimately increasing output.

We work to be global, and through partners, we will become the go-to competence powerhouse for simplifying complex operations.

We are proud simplifiers creating operational change.

Our History

Visavi is a spin-off company from the NTNU Research Centre of Integrated Operations and the Institute for Energy Technology. The company was founded by experts on advanced visualization and collaboration design for complex organizations from world-leading research communities.

Visavi LIVE has been funded and developed in collaboration with industry leaders.

Meet the Team

Jon Stærkebye


+47 900 61 061

Kristina Maria Holm

VP Commercial & Business Development

+47 416 20 520

Øystein Haaland

VP Technology

+47 932 34 980

Kaare J. Finbak

VP Projects

+47 954 33 147

Øystein Veland

Founder & Special Advisor

+47 906 64 537

Thore Hauptmann

Director Sales & Marketing

+47 945 32 630

Jessica Toledo

Director Projects

Tore Notland

Chief Architect

+47 928 24 027

Erik Sverre Jenssen

Senior Industrial Advisor

+47 913 95 523

Technology partners:

Business development partners:


We are experiencing great increase of our product LIVE and are continuously considering to strengthen our team.

Please contact us on info@visavi.com if you are interested 

Chief Executive Officer
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