The organizational effects

VISAVI LivePlan offers an easy to use and collaboration-friendly user experience and provides a superior overview of all plans and plan-related data on a single surface. This has important effects both for the traditional coordinator roles and beyond:   

  • Planners and others with special coordination responsibilities can now distribute information widely and instantly with much less manual effort than in today's solutions. They also receive quicker and better feedback as the are now many "more eyes on the plans".  
  • By making the activities and their coordination challenges and opportunities transparent to everybody in the organization every person involved is encouraged and empowered to act smarter and more responsibly in the the complex overall puzzle that is operational planning and execution. Enabling more self-coordination means that the collective experience and intelligence of the entire organization is effectively mobilized towards joint optimization of activities and resource use. 

increased productivity and COST SAVING 

 Improved coordination will impact the efficiency in many different areas  

Improved coordination will impact the efficiency in many different areas  

As a result of the improved awareness and coordination processes enabled by VISAVI LivePlan, productivity will significantly improve in many areas:

  • Increased wrench time
  • Reduced backlog
  • Timely logistics
  • Better vendor utilization
  • Fewer and briefer meetings with less preparation work