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Is it only possible to use LivePlan on large touch screens?

LivePlan is a normal Windows application thats works perfect on any PC or tablet. However, it is designed to be used on large touch screens to give an optimal collaboration and immersive user experience.

Is it only a tool for viewing plans, or can you also do modifications?

Rescheduling is easy to do for everyone, and is also supported by the ability to store scenarioes. Autorized users may also update the plan and have changes automatically written back to source systems.

Is it a service model?

Yes, it is a SaaS with a monthly service fee.

Do you integrate with SAP, Primavera, Maximo, IFS etc?

Yes, LivePlan can be integrated with any systems.

Can LivePlan be installed on-premise?

Yes, but we generally recommend using cloud technology for additional benefits.

Does it require manual data punching?

No manual punching is required, all data is updated automatically.

Is there a license fee per users?

No, the cost is not limited to a number of users. In addition to the large touch screens it should be available for everybody in the organization.

How long is the delivery time?

A standard delivery can be made ready within 6-8 weeks, based on integration of known data sources.

Can LivePlan be customized?

Yes, LivePlan is made of modules and can easily be customized to fit your need.

Why is LivePlan better than regular planning tools?

The short answer is: because LivePlan is not a planning tool, it is a digital coordination arena. This means that LivePlan supports some functions better than traditional planning tools. These include easy replanning during plan-execution, combination of data from different “silos”, and a superior overview and collaboration by means of a large touch screen

How is LivePlan related to Lean?

LivePlan is very much aligned with the values and practice of Lean, and can be considered a fully digital Visual Management solution. It offers a next-generation approach to established Lean practices such as using board in the workplace to show goals, expose waste, increase communication, encourage standup meetings, empower workers and enable feedback cycle in the organization to drive improvement.

Does LivePlan also include 3D models?

The core of LivePlan is a visual timeline featuring operational activities and their related planning constraints. Physical location is one of the important constraints in this multidimensional planning space, and a dynamic area map is therefore among the key supporting views in LivePlan. These area maps are held relatively simple to make a quick overview and direct touch interaction possible. In some cases, access to a full 3D asset model could be relevant to provide additional insight into the physical planning dimension. LivePlan can therefore be linked to an external 3D tool already used by the customer to offer a seamless user experience across these two complimentary tools.

LivePlan – Perfect fit for large touch screens

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