The Digital Coordination Arena

optimizing work planning and execution for operational efficiency 

VISAVI® LivePlan is a major step towards the next paradigm in productivity improvement for industries searching for smart and safe ways to reduce cost through digital transformation of work practices:

  • A next-generation digital tool for mastering complex operations.
  • Transforms the flow of information and collaboration for better planning and execution.
  • Engages the whole organization in joint optimization of activities.

Connect to any major systems for maintanance, planning, control of work and booking like SAP, Primavera, MS Project, Safran, DaWinci and others. Its unique features makes LivePlan a powerful complement and amplifier of these traditional systems in an operational setting:

  • Real-time, integrated overview of activities, relationships and dependencies
  • Designed for the non-specialist: Highly accessible, visual, user-friendly and engaging