Designed to provide a superior overview and collaboration

VISAVI® LivePlan is a digital coordination arena for complex operations that helps workers be more agile and raise awareness and boost productivity across the organization.

What is it

VISAVI® LivePlan is real-time visualization of operations and dependencies of work flow for any complex industry.

Complex organizations have all invested heavily in work processes and software portefolios with ERP, planning, logistics and control of work systems. LivePlan is not another such system. Its role is not to replace, but to create added value from these exisiting investments by connecting existing data and work processes from the entire organization in a revolutionary new manner.

Why it´s good

VISAVI® LivePlan gives you the full overview and is the natural information hub and arena for decision making for users on all levels and locations. Everyone sees the same picture and enables you to make better decisions. Organizational effects are, amongst others, fewer and briefer meetings and more control of your operations, resulting in increased productivity and cost saving. LivePlan is easy to use and offers a collaboration-friendly user experience.

Who it´s for

VISAVI® LivePlan can be utilized by a wide range of industry like oil&gas, energy, process and construction. It is easily customized to work alongside any other system. By making the activities and their coordination challenges and opportunities transparent to everybody in the organization, every person involved is encouraged to act smarter and more responsible in the complex overall puzzle that is operational planning and execution.

How it works

By integrating and visualizing all planned operations with interactive, instant updates, your business will be brought to the next level of efficiency. LivePlan pulls key data out of “silo” systems and integrates the data visually on a large touch screen for easy access and sharing. It gives you a complete overview of all pertinent details and makes coordination and collaboration simpler.

How it´s used

VISAVI® LivePlan is designed to be used on large interactive touch screens, but is can also be used on your personal computer or tablet.

Walk-up display

LivePlan is the easiest way for anyone in the organization to update their situation awareness of fetch details on specific activities. In a few seconds you will get the full overview.

Recurrent meetings

LivePlan is very well suited for recurrent meetings such as daily status meetings where staff go through their status of ongoing tasks and coordinate upcoming tasks.

Ad-hoc meetings

LivePlan is the ideal arena for a team to have ad-hoc meetings when there is a sudden need for replanning, for instance during an unplanned system shutdown.

What customers say

” We use LivePlan to achieve better communication to perform more efficient maintenance”
Terje Rudlende, Head of Improvement Group – Borregaard
LivePlan helps us make better plans and raise plan awareness in our operation department. This leads to a more efficient coordination of activities and utilization of resources, allowing us to operate optimally and as safe as possible”
Erik Winge, IAP Manager  Gjøa – Neptune Energy

The Technology

VISAVI® LivePlan is based on state-of-the-art Microsoft technology and is designed for large touch screens.

Azure cloud

LivePlan is hosted in Azure cloud, supporting both on-off premises.

Windows application

LivePlan is deployable in any Windows compatible IT environment.

Flexible modules

LivePlan is scalable and configurable to meet the needs of each customer within various industries.

Any data source

LivePlan can fetch data from any data source type or infrastructure.

Touch screen

LivePlan is designed for large touch screens with rich graphics and touch-optimized interaction.

Adaptable hosting

LivePlan can be hosted in cloud based technologies, or as self-hosted in a more traditional environment.

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