Plans are crucial in efficient and safe offshore operations

Cost-efficient and safe offshore operations requires careful coordination of many interrelated activities and limited resources. Good planning is essential and has to encompass all disciplines and all types of resource limitations. Limited accommodation and helicopter flight capacities are major bottlenecks that further complicate the planning process at many installations.

The basic nature of operational planning is that re-planning will happen frequently. This requires decision-making across geographical and disciplinary boundaries, before updated plans can be published to the organization.

... but the way plans are created, modified and used in today's organizations is far from optimal 

Today, the disciplines involved in offshore work planning and execution tend to operate in relatively separate "silos" created by specialist systems. These silos are barriers to collaboration that cause otherwise highly competent and efficient organizations to work with less optimal plans and less responsive planning processes than desired. 

We are developing the next-generation approach to planning and plan use

Our approach supports  both the interdisciplinary planning process as well as the distribution and use of plans to those who will execute them.

Our solutions integrates information from different systems and makes it available via user-friendly, collaboration-oriented large touch displays.

This solution provides better plan awareness, communication and decision-making across the operational staff offshore and onshore support organization.

LivePlan is a public display for the management and work force. It provides read-only access to the maintenance plans, operation plan, weather forecast, helicopter and personnel on board status

PlanComposer is a collaborative tool for interdisciplinary planning teams in charge of creating and modifying plans.