VISAVI LivePlan is a high quality Windows 7/10-based .NET application, featuring a front end client running on special large touch screens as well as any desktop, and back end services integrating information from multiple data sources. 

  • VISAVI implements, maintains and provides support for LivePlan solutions
  • LivePlan is deployable in any Windows compatible IT environment; in the cloud, hosted or on-premise
  • LivePlan is extendable and configurable to meet the needs of each costumer 

Data integration

Adaptable to customer needs

The VISAVI technology platform enables necessary data sources to be connected in a variety of ways, based on customer needs and constraints. One way is to reuse existing data integration infrastructures, Data Warehouses, etc. Direct data integration is also possible via plugins for common systems, and more such plugins are easily developed based on customer demand. We may also offer a full deployment with data integration and support jointly with an external partner. 


"Cloud first"

The solution is primarily built to fully capitalize on the scalability and lifecycle cost benefits of cloud-based environments, but it can also be hosted on premises in organizations who prefer this. 

Touch screens

The perfect fit for the new generation large touch screens